“I never understood why most creative professionals do not want to get involved in the business side of things, understand the bigger picture and make their work more powerful”

Manuel Duboe founded Finally  in 2017, a design and creative consultancy with the objective of merging creative thinking with business knowledge.
Bridging the gap between these two apparently different worlds is something that has interested him for years. He believes it’s something that has intrinsic value for clients too.

What’s it all about?

It’s two things.
Firstly, Finally is what I’ve wanted for years.
I’ve been an artist. I’ve been a Designer,
I’ve been a Creative Director, I’ve been a businessman. Now I’m bringing these worlds together. Secondly, it’s also what some clients have wanted for years. A merging of creativity and commerciability; without all the big agency (let’s face it) bollocks.

Entrepreneurial focus?

My greatest joy is taking those ideas that so many of us have, and making them actually work in the world. I believe my own experiences of starting new ventures plus my creative skillset are ideally placed to help new companies be born, take off and grow. Similarly, exciting projects and ideas can most definitely come from recognised brands or businesses and I’m more than happy to work with established clients interested in a different perspective.

 What’s on offer?

Creative and design from concept to final communications, Strategic planning for business ideas and projects, Coaching and business development and if there is a good fit, a potential partner!

What about your approach?

I have many years of professional experience understanding, identifying and recommending creative solutions to client’s needs also personal experience in starting new businesses from scratch.
Clients have a hands-on person (Me!) dedication to them and thieir projects, which I think is personally rewarding and profesionally more efficient. I work with a brilliant collective of trusted, talented people that I have worked closely with over many years. Clients only pay for what they need.
And most importantly a mutually beneficial relationship; that can exist outside stuffy boardrooms.

What’s important to you and Finally?

Staying small. With only a few key people involved, this is how I can deliver a fast, creative and realistic approach.
Basically I’m doing what I’m selling. Everyday. I have live projects on the go right now. I’ve lived the everyday, real deal of how tough it is to survive out there. Similarly, the immense reward when it all works out.

A bit more about your self?

20 years ago, I started this life in a tiny design agency in Buenos Aires. And I’ve done my time in big agencies, small agencies and everything inbetween. From my own art exhibitions and heading up Design Studios in top London agencies, to starting my own tech business.

I’m based in Palma, Majorca where I live with my wife and two boys but work globally.

Finally, I’m ready when you are.

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